EASY TO USE | Intuitive and easy to learn, even for users who are not familiar with software applications

A key factor in the learning process for new users is how easy to use it is. In hotels with a frequent staff turnover, the new employees can operate the software from the first day and, aside from exceptional cases, without any need of consulting the user guides.


USABILITY | Its agile operation reduces waiting time at reception

After conducting a comprehensive analysis of data entry processes in multiple hotels, Class One has developed a specific usability system that allows the user to complete, using only two keys (without using the mouse), most of the Front Office operations. 


TRUSTWORTHINESS | It's a finished and debugged tool, free of errors

The first version of Seven Stars was released in 1990: after 25 years of full operation in hotels throughout Spain and abroad, Seven Stars has achieved a unique stability in the sector. Our incidence / consultation ratio is 2.87 calls per hotel and year, from the second year of operation. That is our best business card.


VERSATILITY Suitable for all kinds of hotels, no matter their size, country of location, etc.

The diversity of the hotels we have automated to date has helped us to develop a versatile software, suitable for hotels of different sizes and categories, both city and holiday-oriented businesses. The fact that it is fully configurable, in addition to its multi-environment, multi-language and multi-currency features, guarantees the necessary flexibility for a complete adaptation to any country and market.


EXCLUSIVITY | Exclusive capabilities are made available to the hotel, not to be found in any other application in the sector

Throughout the 25 years of life of Seven Stars, the production team has incorporated into the system different suggestions by our customers (real needs of real hotels, in all cases extrapolable to other establishments in the sector). Today we have the most complete PMS in the market.


QUALITY | Class One's Quality Assurance guarantees your hotel's performance

The effectiveness of our Support Service, solving any doubts within a minimum response time, allows the hotel to optimize the attention offered to its clients. Thanks to the exhaustive knowledge of the applications reached by our support team during the years of operation of Seven Stars, and thanks to the remote accesses developed by that team, the resolution of any question posed by the hotel takes place immediately.


MODULARITY | The Class One applications suite is structured in a modular way, enabling the hotel to select those capabilities that best fit its needs

The multiple applications in the Class One Suite for Hotels (PMS, Warehouse, Accounting, Restaurant, POS, etc.) can be deployed independently or in combination. In addition, within the Seven Stars PMS, it is possible to select between certain modules that provide the user with additional functionality, thus enabling exploitation in SaaS mode.


REPORTING | Very precise activity data is provided, we can accurately know where improvements are required and which are our strenghts 

Its extensive reporting system allows the hotel to know its past, present and future situation. By analyzing the data generated day by day through the use of the application, Seven Stars allows to know in advance the facts of the hotel, as well as to manage its day to day and analyze the past to know both strengths and weaknesses.


SECURITY | Data security is ensured for all users

The design of the Seven Stars database allows simple backups. In addition, both the program and access management by Class One (to support the application), are optimized to avoid external attacks


INTEGRATION | Integration with the most used technological platforms in the hotel sector is made easy

In Class One we are aware of the importance that the new technologies have in the world of the hotel industry and, therefore, our production department works constantly to improve our products in synch with the latest advances. PPV TV, telephone switchboards, magnetic card management, document scanner, minibar robotics, electronic invoice, reservation centers (through the IRS module), etc. are easily integrated with the Seven Starsstandard package.

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