2019-02-17 Class One in the Maldives Islands.


Class One: First Class Software

2019-02-17 Class One in the Maldives Islands


Class One takes a big step forward by mechanizing the FasFinn Travel Group in the Maldives Islands. 

FasFinn Travel Group is a Maldivian hotel group that manages accommodations called "guest houses" run by Mr. Habeeb Ahmed

Mr. Habeeb is one of the most experienced people in the tourism sector of the Maldives, since when local tourism was allowed on the islands a few years ago, he created what was one of the first companies focused on this type of tourism. The Palm Villa guest house on Velidhoo Island was the second guest house in the Maldives and was opened by the President of Maldives Mr. Mohammed Nasheed. Not long after we opened Palm View guest house in Hulhumale, island near the airport and the capital, Male. We currently have several partners in other islands, and we are constantly expanding, currently having "guest houses" on 5 islands:

  • Dhiffushi: Captain´s Residence y Captain´s Sunset Lodge
  • Huraa: Coconut Villa y Sea Breeze View
  • Hulhumale: Palm View
  • Kaashidoo: Kaashidoo View
  • Velidhoo: Palms Villa



Group Class One 
Rafael Alberti 6 Bajo
15172 -Perillo (Spain) 
 +34 981613709

 E-Mail: comercial at classone dot es


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