2019-03-25 Class One in Perú


Class One: First Class Software

2019-03-25 Class One in Perú 

Class One starts operating in Peru.




Following our national-international expansion, we have had the great fortune of having as our representative for Peru, in the great professional Paul Chavez Cavero Egusquiza that will give the necessary support so that Class One is a reference of the computerization of the hotels in that beautiful country .

Paul Chavez Cavero Egusquiza 


Professional in customer service and hospitality. Responsible and committed to the vision of the guests in each interaction, maintaining the desire to meet expectations that they usually have when they move or enter a hotel / restaurant.

I work in operational and functional positions in well-known and high demand restaurants.
Then I had the privilege of knowing and learning the functions and the value of being a senior supervisor of an international chain hotel.

I worked with rigorous standards and normative policies for the proper functioning of the work, however I found it much more exciting and challenging to relate with people of different cosmo-vision who helped me improve my skills such as: Teamwork, guidelines on results and understanding each day of each of them.

Parallel to that experience, I was given the opportunity to apply the knowledge and redirect it towards future professionals. This last also fills me not only on a professional level but also on a human level.

I accept the great challenge of representing Class One in Peru as its Distributor

Group Class One 
Urb. La Calera
Distrito de Surquillo, Lima - Perú
 +51 956 139 513

 E-Mail: paulchavez at pe dot classone dot es 

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