2019-03-25 Class One en Canarias


Class One: First Class Software

2019-03-25 Class One en Canarias

Class One resumes operations in the Canary Islands - Tenerife.


 Canary Islands

It is a pleasure to reach a distribution agreement with Kristian, for your seriousness, desire for progress and expansion plans on the island of Tenerife, in addition to your knowledge of the area. Have a computer professional who supports the Class One software, as you well know is very important


Having the great help of your wife Athenea, a great professional in the hotel world, will facilitate the quick start-up of the Hotels that hire our Seven Stars Software.

It is good to also count on the commercial infrastructure with Javier Merino, also a great connoisseur of hotels throughout the Canary Islands, to whom he has dedicated his entire commercial life in many facets.

The results will be visible in a very short time



To thank Class One and Javier Sabariz in particular, for placing their trust in us to be distributors in the Canary Islands of Class One.

We are a company located in the south of Tenerife dedicated to computing and telephony, specialists in both software and hardware.

We accept the challenge of being part of the Class One team and the distribution in the Canary Islands, eager to continue growing and improving. "


Group Class One 
Kristian Rodríguez Álvarez
+34 687972003
+34 922705258

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